Bethel Baptist Church has a small choir that assists with the worship on Sunday mornings and for special services throughout the year. We currently only have a few members, so we follow a praise team format. If we can get more choir members, we will be able to expand to a traditional format choir. If you sing, please see Michael and he would love to plug you in!

Bethel has a blended worship style, and usually two songs are contemporary and two are traditional. Currently Michael leads the contemporary worship from the keyboard with the Praise Team, and the traditional is played with Shirley Clark at the piano, along with Michael playing guitar or keyboard. We are in need of volunteer help in the following areas:

  • Singers - if you love to sing, we'd love to plug you in!

  • Rhythm Guitar - our praise team needs a guitar player that can accompany our contemporary worship music. Players should be able to read a chord chart or lead sheet, be familiar with the song to accompany well.

  • Bass Guitar - our praise team needs a reliable bass player that can play along with contemporary or traditional hymns. A bassist needs can read music or play by ear, but should be able to follow the bass line of a hymnal or play the bass line of a chord chart or lead sheet.

  • Drummer - Bethel currently has a Roland electric drumset, but nobody to play it right now. A drummer should be able to accompany the contemporary worship music in a variety of styles, and make the best use of the equipment we have. The drummer should not overpower the music, but play in a balanced manner, adding rhythm to make a great blended worship band sound. A drummer should be able to play leading worship songs with a consistent tempo and an understanding of the genre and type of song.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please contact Michael. All members of the praise team should have a demonstrable evidence of salvation, a strong Christian testimony, a love for Jesus, a desire to worship God through music, and willingness to commit to rehearsals at 8:45 AM on Sunday mornings and be faithful to the ministry. Also praise team members should be willing to work under Michael's leadership. If you are not a member of Bethel but are interested in the music ministry and meet these qualifications, contact us and we will meet with you first to get to know you better personally/spiritually, then play some music together to evaluate your ability.

Philosophy of music ministry

"I believe that gathered Christian worship should be an exciting time of singing praises to God, with uplifted hearts and voices together worshipping our Savior in His beauty and majesty. Singing should be exultant and vibrant. I believe that congregational singing is a cornerstone of an effective church. I strive to bring energy and vitality to the song service; and as such, recommend music that uplifts God’s name and character, spirited traditional hymns of the faith, Gospel/Southern Gospel, and modern praise/worship music that is energetic but not shallow or lacking in sound doctrine. My style is blended but I avoid using styles similar to heavy/excessively loud rock’n’roll, or characteristically non-Christian music (i.e. disco or club like atmosphere) in worship. I lead music from the piano or guitar, and present music where the entire congregation can be involved."